Sunday, February 20, 2011


February marks many special events for me, both happy and sad. 14 February is the most memorable date for me being my father's passing on. Every yr when i see pple celebrate valentine's, i remembered that fateful day when i rushed to the hospital to find him not breathing anymore...his legs and hands were cold, the towel which covered his head to bring down his temperature was cold too...i was scared coming to terms to let him go..if only...i'd stayed the whole day with him, i would have been with him at his last was between the time my mum left for home and i was on the way when he drew his last breath... this year marked 10 years he left us. I love u PAK!

10 february...heehee me turned 36. wonderful! tak mcm 36 kan? mcm 26 ade? my bday wasnt a good day for me. I HAD TO WORK. there was a wonderful bday cake surprise though at work. after work, I had to come out with a bday dinner plan on my they ever learn that bdays are so very important to women! too a lovely bday present though...its...

Yes samsung galaxy tab!...evrytime i carry out, pple wld say..."takde besar lagi ke?"

But deep deep inside my heart this is what i want....LV tulum.... on my wishlist...any sponsors?

7 February my bro's bday..the one at the to me is the Wifey, their waiting for their firstborn cum april! Alhamdulillah

13 February my darling hub's bday...he turned 40 this year...ish tak mcm 40 sey...masih muda lagi...

20 February 2011, mak turned 64. A strong lady and patient lady whome i always looked up to! We had brunch at ayam penyet at JP wit my family. my bros had sumting on and couldnt join us. after makan, kita gi jalan at JP to get mak a bag. bot her to esprit but didnt like either, in the end she got a bag from ZINC...ceh steady lah ZINC..the kind of bag my youngest bro would carry! LOVE you loads mak!

Monday, January 17, 2011


how do you best tell someone something so true without hurting them?

i want so much to tell someone that i could have done a better job with her but...but didnt want to hurt her though

ok this was what of my frens got engaged..ok i may sound hoity poity..but i could have made her up nicer...and afterwhich, she would have really looked good in her pics...wasted!

ok ok..though she doesnt put on make up as much as i do...but then i think she needs someone who can do a better job to make her look prettier kan?

it was such a special occassion but she didnt look good with her make up!! to think that pple did compliment her! My god! are they BLIND? or just finding her a soft spot?

Ok enuf tini! stop being critical! but I CANT HELP IT! ..if only ariessen was reading this! she willd definitely agree!

and i cld have done way way better with her room deco and gifts!!! my god!

at the end of the day, my intention was to make someone's special day a memorable one..let pple talk about the beauty of that special day...i dont need the credits lah...the main player of that special day would be enough...

ok then, when my youngest bro gets married, i'll have to start planning what colour and theme i want his gifts deco to be...ideas anyone?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

a new year with new beginnings

even before 2011 came, there were many challenge i knew i will face.

i will be taking 2 classes on my own witout my buddy on my side....nevertheless she'll still give me her remote support..heehee

my son is in P3 this year and in the morning be prepared for CCA, extra classes, etc etc...i hope he can cope

this year i have to make one of these 3 choices:
A - pursue BA
B - take driving license
C - proceed with IVF

must prioritize....perhaps cant take option A because of my overload at work, choice C also must wait because need to take a lot of time off from work...hmm a bit difficult lah...

so choice B is the one...but ah..must quickly start with my registration coz..i've been postponing it again and again....ish! sorry aries!

it was a different experience working where i am right now..if in 2009 it was a power struggle at another 2010 it was an emotional struggle n i worked hard at it but sad maybe it wasnt enuf

come 2011..i feel i'm swarmed!.....i seem to be doing lots of things...but then again..maybe again it wont be enuf...

not enuf seems to be the word of the day!

but on the bright side...2010 was a wonderful year for my wardrobe..i splurged on my clothes..pamper myself with new clothes, new shawls etc etc...once or twice i'd spent witout battling my eyelids on the price tag...

my 36th is coming! FUH!!! 36 ordy? hmm...what shall i buy for my own bday present and what shall is ask my hub to get for me? maybe a longchamp for myself and a gucci or a hp from the hub? think think..carefully!

ok what shall i do on my bday? since i have to work!!!!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

for the longest time

wow! 4 years! for so long i didnt update my blog. i sure got a lot to cerita man! since 2007, a lot has happened.

I remembered talking about my aunt who passed away and leaving the husband who was recuperating from his stroke..very sad story, my uncle passed awy too after his wife passed on 2 months later. it was like a romeo and juliet story which goes to show that they cant live without one another. very sad...they were very dear to me.

another sad note, i had talked about my niece wedding in june 2007...she passed on too last year...very sad..leaving behind her 2 year old son..her leaving us was like a stab in the stomach..the sadness that went through the family was unbelievable...I believed she was such a kind soul that Allah SWT loves her more and wants her to be at a better of now her son is in good hands taken care by her own family.

along the way, I had more and more grand nieces and nephews that came to add on to the family...well, i'm still with my one and only boy!

I 've moved my workplace from one centre to another now...i've also moved on with my career. I moved house too..after 8 years at my 1st home..neaREr to my mum now.. my younger bro got married and waiting for their firstborn this coming april. my first ever NIECE! lovely...

All these past years, I 've certainly learnt a lot i got to know pple better, see pple in a different light, gone through hardships, heartbreaks and many more...but amidst all these i always have my dear hub wit me and my ever loyal buddy. These 2 pple are always there to gv me support and think helped me hold on strong!

think will update my blog regularly since FB has become too public! right? *wink* *wink*

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


her nikah...
wit her 1 bro n 1 sis..b4 she went down to berarak with her other bro n wife..
me, su and nor....
zhang, alice, lin, sally, bee geok and angeline
silly me....
bishan park during our staff retreat...after all the games are over....look at our heads? shrek headgear sponsored by angeline

one day after his khatan...danish in his kain....aftr his morning wipe

semenjak dua menjak ni mcm nak tulis..sampai tak sempat nak update ok let me update for those who stil read my blog ha! sori i f i bore u

my darling danish dikhatan kan....Alhamdulillah...semua selamat. by nw of coz lah dah was an experience sey! susah betol nak suruh dia buang air mcm2 alasan dia!

den my Wak wahid was hospitalized, he had a stroke...visited him...he's out frm hospital nw...and recuperating at St Joseph's home...frm wat i hear frm his grndchdn, he's doing much better...i feel guilty, havent visited him since he's out.
another sad story was, my wak saenah passed on..the woman who hd looked after me wen i just came to this world 32yrs ago.. her passing was very unexpected...she meninggal while her hsbnd(wak wahid) was in hospital...both me n my mum said, perhaps she was tinking so much dat her heart became weak and she never woke up....sedih tau but she went peacefully..Al-Fateha
den my niece farhana met wit an accident..she's riding n collided wit a sbs bus..sustaing head injuries..i visited her while she was unconscious in ICU...kesian u! her hair all shaved nw she's out n we see her wit a little sash arnd her head....mcm pakai tudung gitu
our staff retreat at bishan park...hd sum games n sum mini sports - 7 aside soccer, captain's ball, limbo rock, balls n hoops, panas betol hari tu! but wat i cant 4get was wen we played captains ball, mak kau dat other grp was SUPER ROUGH..takde sportswomanship betol! abis tudung ku semua!
ending may to niece and nephew got married....dble wedding....dis happened b4 in our fmly but it was more thn 20 yrs ago? i can stil remember the vivid memories i hd those days wen i was stil veri young! dad was arnd, always scolding me...pantang silap sikit! at tht time my job was to look after my younger nieces n nephews...

hwver for this wedding, i looked after my niece n nephew too, i had to be make-up artist! don call me mak andam...becoz m not qualified....i just love to do this tings.
dis wkend we'll be goin to KL for part 2 of mas's wedding....
ending note
i'm lousy wit blogger foto uploading n arrangg, hwvr i hv uploaded sum fotos on top! there are more pics at my foto site too!

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

bbq at chalet

last sat, morning pegi wrshop at HQ, den watched Mr bean's holiday kat cathay with the fmly...den we went to pasir ris...for BBQ

the gathering was for rin's hsbnd niece..i tink her 17th....wah so much food was there.
tapi kita mcm tak enjoy..even brg2 bbq i didnt eat much only 1pc of otah, a little bit of ikan pari...n meehoon..makanan berlambak tau..ade ayam, otak, udang, hot dog, ikan pari sambal, pasta, mcm2 fruits, kari to eat wit roti...ishishish, typing abt it makes my mouth water....

on another note, while snap foto here and there,kita tak ambik gambar bday gal, kelakar kan? yang posing2 kita aje...n if u see the fotos, i just sat there while more n more pple cum n take foto wit me...entah lah mlm tu mcm malas nak makan

as usual there are more for now..tadas

Sunday, March 18, 2007

33 college green

ini pulak pemandangan dari belakang...kan mcm chalet kan?

dis is the view where ogy hangs her laundry, nasib baik dah angkat, klu tidak, pemandangan tak indah langsung....hahahahaha, jgn mare ha ogy...

dis is the front view..mcm kampung kan? with atap zinc lagi...

oh wat fun we had last weekend, kita all gi umah ogy at 33 college dkt adam rd makan tau...hmmm sedap..

sampai aje sane we talked abt who stays rnd there, ogy's hse is nxt to nadya's ex hsbnd's, she nw stays with her boyfren nw...dat darren lim...pun dat area oso...

eh another interesting ting was, sampai aje sane, i saw pple walk2 lah den..i saw rita zahara yang walk2..ish ish ish..takde org lain ke..wen i chkd wit my cuzin, no she doesnt stay there...mesti visit siape2 lah tu

ok back to the hsewrmg..we sampai veri early..abt 1plus...the ting start 3plus so kita rilek2 main carrom..wah dah lama sey..wit my hsbdn...kalah teruk babe...makn was sedap...but i suka sekali the adam rd teh tarik...ish POWER!
den kan last minute shah's bro suggested we had a dey bot a small grill at nearby supermarket...we hd prawns, chicken, crab, otar....
the nite ended at 11plus for me, danish n mum...and dear hafiz sent us home..thk u ogy for evryting...